"Support Our Troops"

Each year this giant Wooden Nickel (13ft 4in diameter, 2,500 lbs) gets resurfaced and dedicated to a different non-profit organization. This year the World's Largest Wooden Nickel is dedicated to "Support Our Troops".

Spc Spc Tom Auxier Cpl Cpl
Robert Spraggins Dustin Meadows US Army Ret Ryan Foster Louis Dahlman
Ghost 1 Cav 1 Cav Div Fisher House Fundraiser 3-89 Cav 3-89 Cav
1st Armored Div 2/8 cav 10th Mtn 10th Mtn

Excerpt from the Special Presentation by Jim Eskin, Vice President, Our Lady of the Lake University

Let's imagine those days of yesteryear and go back in time before there was cable, satellite and the Internet. You need to visit a news stand to catch up with the world.

At our favorite news stands, there are rows and rows of magazines on display.

At our favorite news stands, there are rows and rows of magazines on display.

Think about it: every magazine on every news stand, all across the country, every magazine. Every magazine, news, fashion, information, entertainment, finance, science, hobbies. Every magazine at every news stand, in every small town and every major city. Every magazine in every city in the entire nation. Every American magazine cast aside competitive instincts, joined together to do the same thing.

Just imagine walking by a news stand with all those magazines displaying the same glorious cover: The year is 1942. The month is July. The world is at war.

Americans are consumed with one priority and one priority only: Supporting the victory of and safe return home of our troops. And every magazine cover featured a photo of the American Flag. It had never happened before. It has never happened since.

But we submit to you today that the spirit of patriotism is alive and well in America, and it is time once again to rally around the flag.

Fisher House Award:

Tom and Herb presenting checks totalling $3,000 to the San Antonio Fisher Houses, under a picture of Zachary and Elizabeth Fisher Tom Auxier (Fisher House "Wooden Nickel" Fundraiser) Russell Fritz (Asst. Manager, Ft Sam Houston Fisher Houses) Ramona Lewis (Asst. Manager, Lackland Fisher Houses) Herb Hornung (owner, Old Time Wooden Nickel Co.) View More Photos

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